Too much sugar – the effects of eating too much sugar

too much sugar

Too much sugar – the effects of eating too much sugar. Sugar is a popular name of saccharose. We perceive cane and beet sugar (sugar sand, lump sugar) as a food product of primary necessity. Usual sugar, called saccharose, refers to carbohydrates, that are considered to be valuable nutrients, supplying the organism with necessary energy.

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How to cure snoring

How to cure snoring

Snoring is a common problem. About half of adults snore occasionally, while 25% – suffer from it constantly. Snoring is not a bad health condition. It’s a signal that during sleep air passes with difficulty. Snoring affects the way we breathe while sleeping and often breathing stops which can affect vital organs in our body

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Willow bark and willow bark tea

willow bark tea

There are at least 170 species of willows, distributed mainly in the cool areas of the Northern Hemisphere, where Willow goes beyond the polar circle. In North America there are more than 65 species of willow of which only 25 reached the size of the tree. Willows differ from other trees by their rapid growth.

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Physical fitness and health benefits of exercising

health benefits exercising

Health benefits of exercising are immense. Physical exercises help you keep your physical fitness intact, plus it’s great for your mental health as well. Some of the physical exersises that are beneficial to your health are: aerobic exercises, walking, jogging, swimming, skiing and working in the garden. Age related changes in the body are physiologically

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Watermelon juice. Health benefits of watermelon juice

watermelon juice

Watermelon is very helpful at kidneys diseases and atony of the intestinal tract, promotes excretion of waste. Watermelons and watermelon juice is just irreplaceable for patients suffering from oedema due to the affection of the cardiovascular system, because they not only lead out redundant liquid from the organism but provide a considerable quantity of necessary

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Melon fruit. Health benefits of melon

melon fruit health benefits

Melon common is an annual plant of the gourd family with a creeping stem 1 – 3 m long. Fruits are big, aromatic. Fruit pulp, depending on the sort, can be white, greenish, light- orange. Health benefits of melon A ripe melon contains carbohydrates perfectly assimilated by the organism, glucose, fructose, saccharose form a great

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Dates nutrition and health benefits of dates

health benefits dates

When Muslims break the fast, they usually start their meal with dates. It was said that Prophet Muhammad usually broke the fast with a few dates before the evening namaz (magrib) with a few dates. If there were no dates, he replaced them by raisins, if there were no raisins – by a few drinks

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Organic dill and health benefits of organic dill

organic dill

Dill is an annual herbal plant and is by far one of the most popular herbs. All ground plant’s parts, especially seeds, contain essential oil with a pleasant flavour and aroma. Dill has long been cultivated and grown all over Europe and northern Africa, as well as in Asia. It was used by doctors of

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Coriander and coriander seeds for health and cooking


Coriander is a unique spicy plant, rich with carotene, vitamins and salts of kalium. Coriander is one of the oldest and widely used spicy herblike plants. It is an essential ingredient of Asian, Indian, Chinese, Latin-American, African, and Middle-Eastern cuisine. Coriander seeds enjoy the same popularity, it is one of the most widely spread spice,

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Sunflower oil – health benefits of sunflower seed oil

sunflower oil health benefits

Sunflower seed oil has very high taste qualities and is superior to other vegetable oils by sustenance and digestibility. Sunflower seed oil, along with other vegetable oils has many useful properties that make its consumption much more preferable to the use of animal fats. Sunflower seed oil is composed of valuable for body nutrients. It

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